Thursday, May 24, 2007

Howard is just like Mugabe

'Howard is just like Mugabe'

Prime Minister John Howard finds himself alongside Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe in an Amnesty International report which says they are among short-sighted fear-mongers dividing the world.

The human rights pressure group has accused Mr Howard of portraying asylum-seekers as a threat to national security.

Okay, so I’m lazy. It is a great story, but life at campaign central hasn’t left much time for pontificating. Me and the candidate started, before sunup, this morning preparing for the first local media interview.

I had expected a week or so longer, but we are off and running, with possibly six months to go. The toy soldier campaign was a real winner, so we are busy labeling a few dozen to get out overnight to time with tomorrows paper.

As I get some decent pics I will post them, but thank you kvatch, the concept really has legs! Down the track we have around 30 nurses ready to hit town centres dressed in some raunchy nurse outfits to push the Who Cares? about healthcare funding.

It is going to be a long campaign for us, but full of fun I expect. We don’t plan on winning, but we really do hope to make some powerful statements. The web site, rushed as it is for now, is .

Any help from anywhere will be gladly received.

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