Friday, August 22, 2008

Time for the campaign to show balls

Obama as “The One,” has resurfaced in a new Web video

I still find it amazing, even outrageous, that 90% of comments/ads from the Presidential candidates refer to their opponent. Ok, that is one of my major no-nos, but for good reason; it amounts to a free kick at best, an own-goal at worst.

It is surely time for Obama to turn the tables, claim the high ground by:

  • Announcing that ad expenditure will cease with the bulk of excess cash going to rebuild homes in NOLA
  • Relying on McCain’s ad expenditure and capitalize on the Obama references
  • Turning the pejoratives, e.g.: 'The One', to positive messages
  • Focusing on household economy and remedy messages
  • Link McCain, by inference, to Bush economics


abi said...

I think Biden will have something to say about McCain and his ads. Great choice for VP, IMO.

Cart said...

Well I've moved from cool to warm overnight. McCain exposed himself reminding us JB said BO wasn't ready. JB just needs to smile and say "he is now!"