Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Election 08 trivia bites – A few favourite quotes

Perhaps you can join in with your favourite quotes. Here a few mine.

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Campaign Vs policy

The minds and styles behind the campaigns

Let’s keep it short. Too many quotable quotes but none better than…

Back on the campaign trail after his Hawaii vacation, Sen. Barack Obama looked tanned… The Trail WaPo


“John McCain is a jerk. Alternately a bully and a whiner, and a bald-faced liar to perhaps a greater degree than even George Bush and Dick Cheney”

“McCain is running a stupid and mephitic campaign that insults even Americans of average intelligence virtually every day” Does being a jerk work? - Michael Tomasky - Guardian UK

And just a few more to go on with…

“John McCain's hired the same old folks who brought you George W. Bush” Obama ABC News

"at what point--give me a number, give me a specific number--[...]do you move from middle class to rich?" Pastor Warren

“How about $5 million?” McCain

“Obama is already distorting [McCain’s] comment about the definition of ‘rich’ in AmericaTucker Bounds

$4 million a year. That's enough to buy seven houses. A private jet. And 7,692 pairs of black calfskin loafers by Ferragamo. But it's not enough, according to John McCain, to make you rich. Stumper


lindsaylobe said...

I like the commentary by Margaret Carlson

Reference ~July 10 (Bloomberg) -- There are two kinds of people -- and candidates -- in the world: One says the U.S. troop ``surge'' is working, therefore we must stay in Iraq. The other says the surge is working, therefore we can leave

Best wishes

Cart said...

Lindsay, we are quite adept here too. I liked:
New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark has laughed off an embarrassing [Australian DFAT] briefing note, describing her as left wing and controlling.

D.K. Raed said...

McCain said today he wasn't questioning Obama's patriotism, just his judgment. This was a follow-up to McC yakking about Obama not being willing to recognize how well the surge worked out & why we need to stay in Iraq because Americans don't want to be defeated. Like Lindsay points out, it's like Geo Orwell's "doublespeak" (the ability to believe wholeheartly in two opposite views & not even be able to see the dichotomy).

Cart said...

DK Just goes to show, you can fool the people - or most of them.

I came across one I forgot - a headline but maybe a quote -
The Post-Hummer Economy

D.K. Raed said...

Does Hummer have the same double meaning there as here? If so, many men will be sorry to hear the news.

Cart said...

Naughty gel!!! LOL I never knew that interpretation until first I landed in N America.
I think the non vehicular context might still retain some popularity - well I hope :)

D.K. Raed said...

well just don't forget, you still owe me a porno post!

Cart said...

"you still owe me a porno post!" DK, please, a discussion on censorship! Quite different from porno :)