Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sayings of Hillary Tubman Clinton

If the saying is a dog, rewrite it.
If they are shouting after you, ignore them and rewrite it.
If you want a taste of freedom just ignore everyone else and rewrite.
Don’t ever stop recreating.
Keep rewriting.

Create your own reality – it works for me…

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lindsaylobe said...

These snippets if all attribtable solely to Hilary I think are reminders of the “irrelevancies” that has dogged the campaign.

A dialogue created, restated and remediated to feelings, but not so much by facts or policy or alternative thinking or how solutions might be found. Rather how solutions might be found in rhetoric to turn ones feelings towards her rather than an opponent, an emotional appeal to the rightful representative of the people.

Perhaps one can turn to Mark Twain for inspiration in FENIMORE COOPER'S LITERARY OFFENCES~ To believe that such talk really ever came out of people's mouths
would be to believe that there was a time when time was of no value to a
person who thought he had something to say; when it was the custom to
spread a two-minute remark out to ten; …………..

Best wishes