Friday, February 22, 2008

Warning – more corruption

This blog was born out of corruption, but respect for visitor’s sensitivities suggested a broader focus. Still, your correspondent still has an unhealthy fascination with public corruption. Controlled for the most part, but sometimes I can’t resist.

I can warn readers that there is a doozey breaking in my home state just now and Australia is close to world leaders when it comes to juicy corruption scandals. With five state ministers, a city council and countless others wallowing in sex and money allegations how can I resist?

The last NSW state election, last year, was a ‘lose - lose’ situation. It was the reason I returned to port Macquarie, to assist in the re-election of Rob Oakeshott to parliament. Robby began on the conservative side but finally jettisoned that to become an independent. I guess it was an ill hosen, but effective path into parliament.

My support for him is not unequivocal, but on evidence I regard him both as a friend and a worthy representative. By supporting Rob I was making my own statement – neither major party was worthy of support, and Robert Oakeshott MP is still more than worthy.

The Labor Party under Premier Iemma has been a disaster waiting to happen. Self interest and ineptitude have kept the media busy, and done little to instill confidence. The conservative Liberal/National coalitions are still riven by their majority Christian right controllers, and offer nothing as an acceptable alternative.

Now we are left with a rapidly collapsing government and a struggling opposition. Certainly I intend to reveal the salacious details of this drama as it unfolds, but corruption is jus one aspect of the wider story. A weak, ineffective opposition almost guarantees a corrupt government. In politics as in life, balance is paramount.

That is a longwinded intro, with the best intentions. I will be using Grub Street to record this unfolding drama and I don’t expect loyal visitors share my passion. Any posts on this will be additional to the more general posts. Thanks.

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