Thursday, February 28, 2008

Local corruption?

My local council has been sacked, accused of misleading the community about the Port Macquarie Cultural and Entertainment Centre, known as the Glasshouse. The sacking is based on a cost blow-out from $6-$7million to $41.7million for the new building.

There have been cries of corruption for years in this town where growth is the biggest industry. Council has traditionally taken a bulldozer approach to override community objections to developments. This time they did it with there own development, perhaps the final straw.

No doubt there is a political motivation here; sacking a conservative council so soon after the Labor led Wollongong Council hit the corruption headlines. Even so our local council has rarely been inclined to listen to ratepayers, hence the convict protest in the previous post.

I’m looking forward to an administrator run council for a while. There was certainly no real democracy under the old regime. My only concern is that it was the elected councillors dismissed. I’m hoping the process now takes a good look at the entrenched, non-elected administration.


D.K. Raed said...

hmmmm ... an empty city council ... sounds like an opportunity for the Cartledge brothers! Seriously!

Cart said...

Thanks red, We do our bit, but we sort of still like living.