Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ramos- Horta – East Timor in coma

East Timor (Timor Leste) President, Jose Ramos-Horta, is in an induced coma in Darwin and his country is under a state of emergency following a coup attempt.

There are fears rebels will launch another attack within days after they shot Ramos-Horta up to three times and fired on the motorcade and home of the Prime Minister, Xanana Gusmao, in dawn raids in Dili.

Rebel leader Alfredo Reinado, who was wanted for murder and escaped from prison in 2006, was killed during the gun battle at Ramos-Horta's house. MPs are demanding to know how Reinado and his men came to be driving an almost new government vehicle, with government number plates.

The house where Mr Ramos-Horta liked to entertain foreign guests was being guarded by Australian and New Zealand troops. Dili remained calm yesterday as Australian and New Zealand troops and 1600 United Nations police guarded main roads and government buildings.

Reinado, was an Australian-trained military officer who eluded the SAS, held his government to ransom and rallied large sections of the population behind him with his quixotic yet confused cry for justice. Analysts believe there is no easy replacement for the rebel leader and the manner of Reinado's death has done great harm to his cause.

A self-styled folk hero who created an identity in the mould of Dom Boaventura, the Timorese folk hero who led the anti-Portuguese resistance a century ago, Reinado had initially gained widespread kudos in 2006 when he sided with 600 irate military officers who abandoned barracks citing discrimination.


D.K. Raed said...

This IS certainly a very confused situation. You probably realize (it's an old story) that NONE of this is being reported on our 24/7 news? I can't even tell who are or aren't the bad guys. But an unstable situation in a very populous country is always cause for concern. I will try to read more about it.

ps, I fwded your message to the enigma. I confess confusion, but now I see what you were referring to here on your blog.

Cart said...

d.k. I'm really sorry that this isn't being reported. Apart from the pain for these wonderful people this is an important analogy.
The contentious issue is a long running, I guess tribal or similar, disagreement between the people of each side of the small country.
Except for the overkill they are all good guys. The division existed well before Indonesia took over the country and has survived independence.
I idolise Ramos-Horta, Gusmao and his wife Kirsty. They are peacemakers. Ramos-Horta will fight for his life the same way he has fought for his country. It is just very sad that it comes to this during the growing process.

~kj said...

Sorry to bring this up on another thread, very rude I know but...
Can you tell me, what is all this dirt about Hillary having some legal bumped off and everyone just accepting it? He was supposed to have shot himself but his arms were folded or something.

As you know, I am not much of a reader/writer unless its code so can you fill me in on this?

Much appreciated
Missy says woof

Cart said...

kj, that is going back a bit. I think it was to do with the Whitewater Scandal. You know I like Bill, but the corruption still wafted (nice soft term) around them.
The guy did top himself, allegedly, and I believe he was due to testify. But fighting Billary is dangerous business. Still, I hope Obama has the fight in him!
Jaz said woof too

TomCat said...

Like Red, I have to confess ignorance. KJ, that old news was thoroughly debunked long ago. It belongs in the same category as the Obama is a Muslim routine. The Rupublicans here love to create non issues with which to incite their sheeple to wrath. If they tried to stick to real issues, they'd be playing a losing hand every time.

Cart said...

tom, I guess there is too much circus there for the mass media to follow world news.

kj said...

In my life, ignorance is bliss. As a single full time working mother. I really don't have time to keep updated on any other issues, mine demand my time 24/7.

I depend on Cartledge and people like yourself who are a plethora of political knowledge.

I thank you :)

TomCat said...

Cart, you could not be more correct.

KJ, you indeed have a full time job. You're most welcome.