Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Soeharto dies – just a blip in justice

He has gone, but the legacy lingers.

Many of my Australian friends assume my concern about Soehato’s excesses ralate to the Balibo Five. Believe me I revere the spirit of Australian journalism, and these victims of Soehato’s butchery would ask nothing less than that we force the revelation and prosecution of all those who benefited from his crimes.

I have already gathered some of the background and ask that everyone who cares about justice do the same. The death of a feeble old man does not repudiate his crimes against humanity and does not excuse those who continue to profit from it.

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abi said...

A slow, lingering death was still too good for the bastard.

Cartledge said...

If there are souls his might just get stuck for a while as homage is paid to the memory of an old man. Bloody hell, how can you justify honouring a murderous crook just because he's old?

TomCat said...

Suharto was a monster. When the US Ambassador praised him at his funeral, at the personal request of GW Bush, who shares Suharto's values, I felt a deep sense of shame.