Monday, January 28, 2008

Aussie media views on US primaries

Okay, let’s be more specific, these are recent articles from major metropolitan newspapers, the Fairfax and Murdoch stables.

Perhaps nothing new for US followers, but interesting to see what others think. As things heat up editors are making their choices known, even Rupert’s editors. It seems Obama is getting the nod for now.

SMH (Fairfax) Full coverage

This generation's JFK?

Kennedy clan says Obama would be an inspirational President.

Clintons on defensive after latest setback

Hillary concedes Bill got 'carried away' in foul-tempered days before her loss in South Carolina.

Obama's surge confounds cynics

ANNE DAVIES | Race to be Democratic nominee becomes a choice between past and future.

Obama wins South Carolina

Barack Obama wins a vital contest in his quest for presidential nomination.

Clinton hears Obama coming

Democrat race a choice between "past and future".


The Australian (Murdoch)

Kennedy throws weight behind Obama

BARACK Obama's quest for the US presidency gained a boost as leading Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy planned to formally endorse him.

Obama wins key South Carolina vote

SENATOR Barack Obama has won an invigorating victory over White House foe Hillary Clinton in South Carolina.


enigma4ever said...

wow...these are amazing..and actually very interesting..I thought for sure that other papers would be rooting for the Clintons....( but the UK papers are also rooting for Obama...even asia too...)

Cartledge said...

It seems as useful as I can be in this, to reflect what I am seeing reported here.
Aussie media is fairly balanced and they don't stick their necks out too much.
I haven't had the opportunity to scan UK media, but they are usually very fair too.
I hope this is helpful.

TomCat said...

I think the things that made Obama's expected victory so impressive were the margin of that victory and the size of the turnout, especially by young African American voters, a group who have not frequented the polls in past primaries.

While 2/5 will not produce a winner, we should know more on 2/6.

Cartledge said...

I was mainly impressed that the Aust media has at last taken an editorial position. I'm not sure if it makes any real difference, but I do know the research that would precede it.

TomCat said...

I'm not surprised that the US race has become a major issue worldwide, as the effects of Bush misanthropy have reverberated far beyond our borders. In 2004, the world assumed that Bush would be defeated, not knowing that he could steal the election through hacked voting machines and corrupt state officials. I still remember the outcry from other nations well.

Cartledge said...

Our media do a good job covering world affairs. I would argue it is because of our diverse immigrant base. But that really doesn’t stand up against the US tendency to ignore the world.
What Bush or any US president does is significant in this client state, unfortunately.

TomCat said...

That is indeed fortunate for you to have media that are not governed by corporate interests. It seems ironic that Murdoch has more media influence in my country than in yours.

Cart said...

We were delighted when Murdoch changed to US citizenship… :)