Thursday, January 24, 2008

It’s only make believe

Okay, so yesterday I didn’t know who Heath Ledger was, ever since the news broke early in the day the adjectives are over the top – stunned, shattered, devastated… Come on, he might have been a lot of things, but the kid was just an actor. It was about make believe.

Two thirds of Queensland, one of our large states, is inundated by floods. Australian media and news people are being sent, not to Queensland, but the LA and New York. Ledger will be dead a long time, is his passing more immediate than the many communities facing floods today?

One of the most destructive butchers of the last century, which is quite a claim, is close to death. No one I speak too personally here can immediately put a person to the name Soeharto. This is the man who destabilised our enormous neighbour for a generation. It wasn’t make believe.

The US is going through their strange process of choosing a new Chief Executive Officer, a choice which will have a profound effect on us all. Even the tennis manages to get a mention in the ledger crush, but nothing about this vital US politicking.

The world is really out of whack when we squander our resources on gossip and ignore our realities. Have we really become total victims of make believe?

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