Saturday, December 15, 2007

What sort of society is this?

The photo is of Maxine McKew, the woman who defeated a sitting Prime Minister John Howard in his own seat. I guess Maxine was looking for some sort of acknowledgement, but readers went apeshit because of this photo. McKew picture revealed more about the editor

The accusation is that the photographer was looking up Maxine’s skirt, diminishing her dignity. I thought Howard and not the photographer diminished the dignity with his sour frog mouth.

“Offended readers, particularly women, complained on local ABC radio on Thursday… “

"An unflattering view of a historic political moment." Among them: "The picture is quite appalling and insensitive. Do your readers really need to be seeing up her dress?"

I have to say I didn’t see up her skirt, I saw faces: a woman asking for some reasonable concession and I saw an old foe who refuses to concede to anyone. Damn, I still can’t look up her dress, but I am very angry at Howard’s lack dignity.

This, I hope, is truly the death of an era and a birth of something worthwhile.

Correction: It has been pointed out by an Aussie visitor that this is not the right picture. I get so few of them I can usually sneak the odd bit in, but life is a lottery.

The fact is I didn’t really see the need to display Maxine’s supposed private bits; I was more concerned about the ungracious former Prime Minister.

Still, it is reassuring to know a fellow Aussie drops by.


Anonymous said...

that's not the photo.

Cartledge said...

fair call, it was the only one I saw. I still contend that the faces are more riveting than the legs. A bit of gracious concession might have gone down well.