Monday, December 10, 2007

Pig Farm Killer,Pickton, verdict no surprise

After a 10-month trial marked by horrific and often grisly evidence, Robert William Pickton, a pig farmer, was convicted Sunday of second-degree murder in the deaths of six women.

This case has riveted rumour around the Vancouver (BC) area for over six years now. From the outset it was clear that Willie Picton wasn’t the brightest button on the vest, a view which was confirmed during the trial.

Given the prostitution (and consequent drugs) involved in the case there is a strong potential that Pickton was the bunny in the game, no less culpable, but hardly the driving force.

In the event he was essentially convicted as an accessory, as the jury seemed to believe he was not the sole or even leading perpetrator. Maybe Willie is just brilliant at playing dumb, and perhaps he should have gone straight into acting.

Still facing at least 30 more charges the Pickton saga is far from over. I expect the prosecution and investigators will now be under pressure to look beyond the easy answers and face the challenge of dealing with the protected web behind these serial murders.

Like many others, I think Pickton was a willing dupe. I also think there is a far more sinister story behind this case. One which reaches into groups authorities would rather not stir up. At the very least culpability might well be in the form of tacit approval by some authorities, but probably includes a more severe form of enforcement from others.

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