Sunday, December 16, 2007

Not a good look for the USA

UNITED Nations-led climate talks in Bali agreed last night to launch talks on a new global warming deal to succeed the Kyoto Protocol, after the US dropped last-minute opposition. The AGE

AFTER a drama-filled day and a backdown by the US, 190 nations last night set a 2009 deadline for a landmark pact to fight global warming.

Senior US negotiator Paula Dobriansky was booed from the floor for refusing to accept the final draft worked out with Europe, China and India. An hour later the US delegation backed down and promise it would come to a consensus. SMH

Dobriansky rejected the compromise. "We cannot accept this," she said. "We are not prepared to accept the formulation at this time." Ms Dobriansky was immediately attacked by the South African delegation, which said her words were "most unwelcome and without any basis". The AGE

The TV coverage here was even more emotional and evocative. The bloody minded Bush administration has just dragged the US international image through the sewers.

The final US compromise (or backdown) is said to have hinged on the upcoming Hawaii climate conference. The fear was that George W would be the only person to turn up for the Hawaii gig.

The days of the Bush bully tactics are now past. I’m not sure what State Department analysts do with their time, but they certainly don’t get down to reading the international mood.

The part that hurts me is listening to people slamming those ‘bloody Americans’. There are situations when the US government becomes the people which some of us understand is not the case. But Bush doesn’t help the situation.


abi said...

Thank you for distinguishing between Bush and the American people. Then again, we voted for the Adolescent in Chief. Twice. So I'm not sure we deserve the consideration.

- abi

Cartledge said...

Abi, don’t beat yourself up over Bush. We still have the remnants of Howard’s halfwits, one of whom attacked Rudd for jeopardising Aussie relations wit the US. I still think there are strong signs of change and I know a growing number of Americas are looking forward to it. The hard choice now is who can best deliver it there.

D.K. Raed said...

Of course you know we saw little or no coverage of this? I see I have lots to catch up on here, Cartledge, when I get back online in a few days. We are leaving now for the annual pre-xmas family trek, over the river & through the mtns, dogs too. Eggnog optional.

Cartledge said...

d.k. I see one of my roles as getting news into the US your media ignores. Not sure about it lately as my hits have dropped off dramatically.
Still, it is a library of info and I'll keep pumping it out.
Enjoy the trek, and you can have my egg nog