Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rules of engagement

With the Australian federal election underway I have been giving some thought about I will handle it. While it is not the centre of my attention it certainly takes up a good space on the radar, but there is a wider world.

So, first up, most of my commentary will be posted on Off Broadway – with appropriate pointers on Grub Street. I just don’t have the enthusiasm, or I’m too involved with a single campaign, to do an election countdown. But those interested can find an excellent countdown at Oz Politics Blog.

Apart from that I will post instructive, quirky or other general interest election bits here. Such as:

Anyone interested in a peek at the process of clearing the decks for an election can see an annotated graphics collection on the prorogation of Parliament, courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald HERE.

Another issue I’m looking at, for those interested in comparing systems, is compulsory voting. That in the next few days.

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