Sunday, October 21, 2007

DIY Election Watch

I didn’t intend much general coverage of the Australian Federal election here, but it does take up a lot of my thinking at the moment. Still, I’m more concerned with the local campaign so some might be interested in some links to good media coverage.

For newspapers it’s hard to beat the Fairfax stable for broad news coverage:

Sydney Morning Herald - The Melbourne Age

ABC – The National Broadcaster A wide range of news and comment across their radio/TV networks.

The Australian – Rupert Murdoch’s Australian flagship is generally fairly pro Howard, but still offers good insights and sometimes balance. Note: I had to add a browser plug-in to block their heavy loading adverts.

Port Macquarie News is where you will find bits of news on our local campaign in Lyne.

I’ve put the links up over on the right, and there are some excellent links to Australian political blogs below.

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enigma4ever said...

you have my attention with interesting to watch this process going on somewhere else...