Sunday, October 14, 2007

The race is on

November 24 has long been tipped as the polling date; today it has been confirmed, with John Howard visiting the Governor General to put the formalities in train.

The announcement ends Howard’s attempts to buy time, and occurs on the day the latest bad news poll (see pic) reveals the governments woes are not abating.

The challenges for Howard, identified by the poll are confronting. Across every age group and sector there is disenchantment at best, fury at worst.

The array of voter worries covers everything from workplace laws to leadership, wrapped in a pervading feeling that the Government is now shopworn.

Relying on economic credentials won’t cut it for Howard. The old border security and terrorism bogey makes people yawn. And the promise of a Peter Costello government warms few hearts.

It seems Howard’s strategy now is to tempt opposition leader Rudd into mistakes; coupled with his fresh new mantra -

Strong, Prosperous and Secure

I’m not sure if my readers will remember the tagline from Reagan’s second term campaign. John Howard has just trotted it out again, as: Australia - Strong, Prosperous and Secure

Given the lack of traction over the past year, and the strong opposition from younger voters, Howard is going to need more than words and opposition mistakes.

With Labor consistently ahead in the projected primary count a uniform swing, highly unlikely, would produce a landslide result. While independents are not yet featuring in polling, some of us are hopeful of a strong non-party showing this time.


Praguetwin said...

Well, best of luck. Time for a change.

abi said...

Maybe the Labor party should use Reagan's tagline from his 1st campaign - Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?

D.K. Raed said...

I thought Reagan's song & dance was "it's morning in America"? I'm not much for those Frank Luntz 3-word poll-tested encapsulations, but maybe you'd like "anyone but Howard".

Hey Cartledge, when/if you feel like it, check my post today & see if it looks a bit like Ayer's Rock? Make ya feel right at home.

Cartledge said...

Ahh, it's a long day at the salt mines. Starting around 5 am to do some media shots for my brother the candidate then off to my main project at the moment.
I appreciated coming home to your comment. Thanks PT
Abi and d.k. I abhor those election epithets, but I would consider - anyone but a politician!
I expect voters are recognizing that they are worse off four year on.

enigma4ever said...

i realy think he needs a wardrobe consutlant ? ( hmm Dk and I probally should not say a word since we both are know for our lovely late night blogging attire....yup..pjs with big fluffy slippers...DK is half way cross country- but I know I am right on this...)

The funny thing about Nixon is that the First phrase she mentioned about " Are you better off than four years ago " was the phrase that really is cemented in all of our brains...( well that and the I do not remember of the Iran/Contra hearings)

Best to your Brother in his pursuits....and that you are get Change....

Cartledge said...

We want to see all our pollies in their underwear. Strip em down and get rid of the spin for once! TY enigma