Wednesday, July 25, 2007

To laugh or to cry...

The circus surrounding the dubious terrorism claims against an Indian doctor being held in Australia has become even more entertaining.

Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile "made a mistake" when he said Mohamed Haneef's visa had been cancelled to prevent him leaving the country.

I have a special interest in Vaile, of course, he is the incumbent in the election campaign I am currently engaged in.

His comment was retracted the very next day: “Yes, Mr Vaile did make a mistake in terms of ascribing that action to [Immigration Minister] Mr Andrews, it was in fact [Attorney General] Mr Ruddock that took that action,” the spokesman said.
A strange and confusing retraction as it was Andrews who took the action, but never mind.

Political arrest?

But it was another comment in Vaile’s cock-up radio interview that caught my attention:

“It's not a political arrest -- I mean none of the senior ministers nor the Prime Minister arrested the individual concerned,” Vaile said. Okay Mark, I think I can follow that…

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