Monday, July 23, 2007

So who are the terrorists?

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) are in danger of becoming seen as political during the first public use of draconian anti-terrorism laws. Having been thwarted by the courts over the prosecution of a Queensland doctor related to British terrorism suspects the circus continues to roll.

The political intent comes from Federal government, who have incensed the countries legal establishment by usurping the findings of the court. Dr Haneef was released on bail, largely on the basis dubious prosecution claims. The government immediately revoked the doctor’s visa and continued to hold him as an illegal.

The outrage spread to the wider community and then leaks began to claim more charges, leaks allegedly from the AFP. It was suggested Haneef was planning to blow up a major building in Queensland. The story was quickly denied by AFP, but mud sticks.

Well, unfortunately for the AFP it really does stick. It has now been revealed that AFP officers wrote the names of overseas terrorism suspects in Haneef's personal diary then interrogated him over whether he had written the potentially incriminating notes.

All this to bolster a federal election campaign, to bolster Howard’s failing popularity. The sad part is that when Howard loses government the opposition will hold onto these moronic anti-terrorism laws, as the issue has proved such a vote winner over the years.

It really is becoming a question of who is terrorising our societies. You don’t need introduced radicals of any colour when your own leadership, and potentially your police forces, can do the job so well.


Praguetwin said...

OBL always said the plan is to encourage western societies to roll back their liberties until they are merely a "shadow of their former selves."

So nice of Australia to go along with the plan.

Cartledge said...

PT, sorry, I had to find out what/who OBL was. Been away from things too long. Good comment.