Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Of mice and campaign managers

Strangest campaign I’ve ever been involved with, so much so I can contemplate writing the expose as it unfolds. Truth is, I think I found a vehicle for the weird stories of this place as well as a reflection on the campaign and my own stories.

Can’t say I ever felt comfortable writing a bio, but this is a fairly selective snapshot. The voice is still a major concern. As essentially an essayist it seems odd going down this track. My first issue is that I simply cannot fictionalise the characters or the stories.

That means I’m avoiding discussion of the various elements of corruption, as I simply do not have the documentary evidence. On the other hand, I don’t mind naming people who would never bother to read anything of substance.

So here goes – Campaign Central (pdf). Please have a look and crits are more than welcome as these are still preliminary notes. After that I get a bit touchy…

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