Saturday, December 16, 2006

Stolen rockets okay

The Australian Defence Force, which is refusing to disclose whether rocket launchers obtained by criminals are from its stockpile.

Australian Federal Police are working with NSW police counter-terrorism experts, with military help, in the hunt for stolen rocket launchers.

One rocket launcher was 'obtained' by NSW police in return for a $50,000 payment to a relative of the convicted murderer who just happens to be of middle eastern extraction.

To add to the growing belief that something in the system might be amiss, a 53-year-old army sergeant has been charged with firearms, theft and dishonesty offences.

Police and army personnel have removed truckloads of weapons and ordnance from his home, his parents' home, and other properties.

Some reports say there was six freight container loads of rocket launchers, hand grenades and an assortment of other ordinance, tank spares, filing cabinets of confidential documents and other bits and pieces. A regular military rats nest.

Now so far as we know there is nothing to link the sergeant with rocket launchers floating around among Sydney’s criminals and potential terrorists.

The worrying part though is the disclaimer from the Chief of Army, Lieutenant-General Peter Leahy.

"We take a great amount of care for the security of our weapons not only when they are stored but also when they are moved," General Leahy said.

Apparently not so General, as evidence would clearly suggest there are gaping holes in military weapons security. Perhaps Howard’s mob like it that way too – lets keep that old paranoia alive!


romunov said...

"who just happens to be of middle eastern extraction"

I bet! Care to wage what country?

Cartledge said...

I think even more interesting is that the weapon was part of the armory in a tussle between feuding families.
No half house bricks across the back fence for this lot.

Kvatch said...

I'm more interested in the Army sergeant who managed to squirrel away "truckloads of weapons and ordinance".

"Get that kiddie-pool back on your side of the fence or I start lobbing RPGs at your kids!"

Cartledge said...

It is good to start the day with a guffaw!