Thursday, November 02, 2006

Still counting down

As we are into the real local aspect of campaigning, the GOTV, your scribe is having the same problem of most media; finding a good story. So we are looking at some side issues on GP Background Stories (or GP-BS), like the old guard of the Bush era in their death throes and a new guard rising.

Tuesday's Election Countdown focused on a couple of fascinating Californian campaigns involving once unbeatable Republicans, Dick Pombo and John Doolittle. They will probably still win their districts, but not with the familiar ease of the past.

While Doolittle's name conjures some interesting thoughts, his Dem challenger has met the name challenge at least; Charlie Brown. A local news report:

Peanuts Cartoon Becomes Legal Issue in Doolittle Race

Democratic congressional candidate Charlie Brown is used to being teased about his well known name. Growing up in the shadow of a beloved cartoon character, Brown learned to laugh off the friendly ribbing. But the people who control the Peanuts' trademark are not laughing about a new Republican campaign mailer that links images of the cartoon character to the Democratic candidate. For them, the issue is serious business.

Lawyers for the Peanuts' cartoon trademark are looking into possible copyright infringement violations, after the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee sent out mailers using iconic images of the cartoon strip to lampoon candidate Brown.

"We take all potential infringement very seriously," said Melissa Menta, Vice President of Corporate Communications for United Media, the company that owns the copyright and trademark of the Peanuts characters.

The words "Good Grief, Charlie Brown" headlined one of the mailers that claimed Brown supported "amnesty for illegal aliens."

Another had "Argh" in large bold letters, warning voters they "can't afford Charlie Brown's tax increase."

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