Thursday, November 09, 2006

Now keep the bastards honest

Though my reasoning will no doubt continued to be questioned, I have as many regulars are ware, been predicting this outcome for many months. Now it is down to work on the methodology, the dynamics as they unfolded.

I will still maintain that fundamental economics underlies the outlook on other issues, and this time for the GOP it was for the worse.

I also acknowledge the wider concerns about the loss of many democratic fundamentals over the past six years. That is where the great public come into play. The voice was loud and clear in the vote, it must continue to be loud and clear, holding elected officials to account.

The dislocation bought about by a compliant or easily gulled electorate is enormous. My focus, the corruption, is most probably the least of the evils perpetrated by arrogant, power hungry governments.

For very political reasons corruption and ethical behaviour is going to be very much on the agenda for the next two years. It is up to the greater public to ensure the ensuing circus is not diverted into simple 'pay back' but rather servers to rebuild and strengthen democracy.

Be outraged, but be outraged for the sake of positive change.Above all, be loud in your efforts to 'keep the bastards honest'.

In the next day or so Grub Street is pulling down the shutters for a while. Details will follow, but I could not think of a more fitting time, having gone through the incredible experience of this election campaign, to go into hibernation and give some thought to the dynamics of it all.


Kvatch said...

Though the outcome in the Senate is still in limbo, all things considered, I have to admit that you were closer to the mark than I.

In the next day or so Grub Street is pulling down the shutters for a while.

You'll be missed, and I hope that you'll be back to blogging soon.

Did I understand correctly that you'll be heading back to your native land soon? If trip as well.

Cartledge said...

Yes, I will be heading back - more detail tomorrow. We have a shitty government there to see off.
Also I'm refining an election predictor, which seems to have promise even in the strange US dynamic. Somethings are universal.
Thanks for the comment, I was optimistic and I still think the senate will come through, but happy enough. I was thrilled about Pombo, sorry Doolittle escaped.

Praguetwin said...

Is it just me, or does Bush look like a man who is about to be investigated and knows it?

Cartledge said...

I was probably a bit cruel in the choice of image :)

Praguetwin said...

I meant in general since the election.

But as to the picture, the caption should be "I've got the plan for Iraq right here!"