Monday, November 06, 2006

'Fin de régime' - the new sensation

If you can't sniff this overpowering odour of 'Fin de régime', you are at the wrong dance party. Oh, to be sure; the votes aren't cast, never mind counted, but the Bush regime is finished. The power base is destroyed.

However, our friends around the blogs are quick to point out the anomalies and dirty tricks which can be expected in the lead up and and at the polls. Even the notoriously unpolitics frog, Blognonymous (Kvatch), offers a stern warning to be vigilant at the polling stations - get evidence, take your camera along: Reprogramming? No. Crashing Voting Machines? Yes!

Over at GP BS we are awash with the scent of change, and winding up the countdown with a few pieces on the right deserting the ship and the warnings of poll tampering to secure a GOP majority into the foreseeable future. Politics at its very best, or worst, but not democracy.


I guess I have some reasons to be jubilant over the projected election result, reasons which go beyond concerns over the wrecking of US democracy. My couple of regular visitors will know that I have been trying to justify my predictions of the Republican collapse for months. Beyond that GP Background Stories is essentially a corruption tracking project, and with any result the new congress will tackle some outstanding issues on that front. See BP - AWB looking down the barrel of new congress?.


abi said...

I'm feeling a little pessimistic as the American election approaches. Not because the Dems might not take back one if not both houses - I think they'll at least take the House of Reps. But I don't see the fundamental change taking place that will prevent future Iraqs, or that will put fairness back in the way wealth is distributed.

Cartledge said...

abi, I guess we are looking at different sides of the same coin. But public expectation has been set, so perhaps there is some hope along the way.

Kvatch said...

Cartledge, many thanks for the mention.

I too am pessimistic, though less about the possibility of future Iraqs and more about the loss of faith in the American election process.

If we no longer believe that our elections are fair--if we now assume that the party in power will commit election fraud to gain an advantage--then what distinguishes us from the lowest petty dictatorships?

Cartledge said...

I agree with you both. My personal reasons for unreasonable joy can be seen in the update.

reality-based educator said...

I'm pessimistic about the USA. When you have thugs like Riove, Mehlman, Buch, Cheney, et al. who will do ANYTHING to win, you start to worry for the future of the Republic.