Friday, September 19, 2014

Updating the Name

Bad politics avoids the scrutiny of truth, often using simplistic, empty slogans. Bad politics, everywhere, deserves to be challenged and questioned. When we delve below those pithy catchphrases something far more sinister is often revealed.

We opted for three word slogan because it is the style recommended by that great propagandist, Goebbels. Some reactionaries can’t count past one or two and that deficit tends to destroy the method. For example Benghazi or welfare cheats. Making them three words gives some validity to the call: Benghazi is Bullshit or Corporate Welfare Cheats.

Then there are blatantly false slogans like - Pro-Life. These are the people who will kill anyone engaged in termination activities. They don’t seem to have much feeling for people once they are born, they just have a foetus fixation. But slogans are just the springboard into wider concerns about our political establishments.

Across the world, the same group, the non-elected, big money people are running our countries. So between Facebook [] and a blog ( we will be delving into the machinations of those controlling our destiny on so many levels. The push is to reclaim our destiny from the ideology of greed.

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Juan LeadVocal said...

I am seriously drooling over what is to come here...