Friday, September 19, 2014

From Australians Against the Liberal Party  Facebook

Did it “shock, horrify and terrify” you? It was supposed to, that’s why Abbott turned a police operation into a piece of grand theatre. For once, it is just possible; there was actually evidence of ‘police intelligence’.  The police did, at least in part, what they are paid to do; to pick up, track and act on criminal activities. Sure, if the allegations hold up, it was a potentially bloody awful act of criminality. But take the emotive ‘terror’ out of it and it’s no worse than many other criminal acts we hear of.

Of course the timing creates its own issues for some of us. It was only yesterday Abbott announced that he is dragging us into a war which has nothing to do with us. He and his cronies know that many Australians will react in a suitably xenophobic and racist way to his high drama; will simply accept he has some form of legitimacy.

What they don’t see is that to shore up his shaky program he must undermine the rule of law, as shaky as that has become. Now police brutality has been legitimized, in the name of terror raids. Now pre dawn raids will become normalised. Holding people without due process will likely be excused as necessary in the name of national security. Any number of protections can now be progressively reduced or done away with.

Okay, I know they were bloody Arabs! That’s what Abbott and Co want you to think. Corgi Bernardi and Mastiff Morrison, Abbotts junk yard dogs, have confirmed the target enemy now. Well even if you do feel threatened by strange neighbours, it might be just as well to consider where this can go. Today those identified as Middle Eastern, tomorrow anyone is fair game.

I’m about as Anglo-Saxon as they come. Even my Irish antecedents run strong with Viking blood. Yet I already feel threatened, by the Abbott government. Even my little efforts to question the validity of the actions of this government put me at risk in a growing ‘police state’. The shock me, horrify me and terrify me, but I can’t back down from challenging bullshit.

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