Thursday, October 10, 2013

Forget the church and state debate

Forget the church and state debate. There is a related and far more insidious problem, politics and religion. 
Most western countries have constitutional provisions separating church and state, provisions difficult to overturn. 

Those very same provisions allow religious influences to dominate through the democratic process, while equally allowing for its expulsion by voters. That same process also allows manipulation through the media. 

We are now seeing the effects in the USA with the religious right attempting to hijack the country’s political/social agenda. 
I would be surprised If this inane performance is not embarrassing to the average Christian. For the rest of us it is a frightening demonstration of a believe or we destroy mentality of all the Abrahamic religions. 

With respect to those who are religious adherents lets look at the absurdity inherent in religious/politics activity. 
If there was any basis to the religious claims the concerned congressional Christians would have already resolved this impasse with prayer and the active intervention of their deity. 

Of course life doesn't work like that, reality requires ration problem solving and actual application. 
So lets start calling for the removal of religion from politics. Again, even my Christian friends would probably agree that it's horses for courses  and exposure through political activism only serves to further diminish religions credibility. 

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