Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Back on the saddle

I am feeling the time has come to rebirth Grub Street Journal. The effort which was involved in fighting against insanity of conservatism tok its toll. The election, first of Obama then or Labor in Australia signalled the time for a break.

Not to say those progressive governments have been all sweetness and light, but there is a certain reticence when it comes to attacking their fragile existence. 
It seems that conservatism, or more correctly regressive powers are i the ascendancy so that fight should be rejoined.

At the same time, during that hiatus, I have responded to the negative effects of religion, both in its own right and in its effects on public policy.

The juxtaposition of politics and religion is hardly a new phenomenon, but it is high time it was directly challenged. When religions start to contribute, economically, when they are corporatised with all the imposts that involves I might consider their right to a voice. 

Might but in doing so, if that miracle ever occurred, retain the right to challenge the types of inequitable policies they traditionally champion. So expect a bit more input now, a voice against regressive pressures on public policy. As usual I make no apology for criticising the politics of countries other than my own. It is a small world and events everywhere effect us all regardless of national sensitivities.

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