Friday, May 22, 2009

Nothing like a low to get you down

Here in this ‘South Pacific Paradise’ we can expect several intense low-pressure systems, knows as East Coat Lows (ECL) each year, apparently mainly through autumn and winter. We seem to be up to six or seven now since the start of summer, through almost to the start of our winter.

While southern Australia still suffers drought we are drowning further north. Just since the start of the year we have had three serious flooding episodes, including the one currently occurring. Here in Port Macquarie we are reasonably safe from the flood threat, but the gale force winds are causing their share of drama.

ECLs can generate one or more of:

  • Gale or storm force winds along the coast and adjacent waters
  • Heavy widespread rainfall leading to flash and/or major river flooding,
  • Very rough seas and prolonged heavy swells over coastal and ocean waters which can cause damage to the coastline.

This is the third day of this ECL and we have at least another to go. Reports have put it at an equivalent to a cat 2 cyclone. While floods are causing havoc further north the winds are doing most of the damage just now, including deaths; one on Queensland’s Gold Coast when a window flew out of one building into another.

I’m just suffering sleep deprivation as the wind explodes against the building and windows day and night. The explosion of wind gusts is disconcerting, even worse when it comes to the accompaniment of tinkling glass. So far none of the glass is landing on me.


D.K. Raed said...

Whether it's called a hurricane, typhoon, cyclone or ECL, that's a lot of rain & wind! I sure hope the crocs don't follow the swollen rivers and come in through the broken windows!

Cart said...

DK, QUACK!!! Haven't seen much sun yet, but I think the worst is over today, until next time :(