Friday, January 23, 2009

Volunteering to build a new world

“When I go home tonight and I look into the mirror, I’m not going to regret what I see,” Bush to his Texas home crowd NYT

If George W needed to make that statement I expect he really does have some issues to deal with. I doubt many believe Obama was out of line drawing a firm line under the Bush years. In fact he was really drawing the line under the results of 30 years of dubious policy.

I have asserted before that the socio/economic rot began under Reagan, George W merely took the policy direction to its logical conclusion – at least as far as that was acceptable. Enough of the past – it’s time to use the bounce to create a more just, more equitable planet. Time to really get down to work.

One of the most encouraging aspects of Obama is his example of volunteerism. Now when it is about ME it must become; ‘what can I do for MY world?’ Sometimes that will mean getting stuck in without any expectation of material reward. The rewards will come in many other ways.


abi said...

Cart, there's no doubt Reagan started us down a dark and twisted road. Getting off that road is going to require a whole new mindset.

Volunteerism is one aspect of it. But I think Americans also better be prepared to sacrifice. It's going to cost money to dig our way out of the economic mess we're in. The me-firsters are going to have to stop whining about taxes, and let Obama go about the business of rebuilding the economy.

Cart said...

Abi, I'm with you. The volunteer thing is very much in my mind, but I know it is just one aspect of what might be called sacrifice.
I expect some people will really need to feel the pain before they see themselves as part of the solution - maybe...

D.K. Raed said...

Bush won't regret what he sees in the mirror because he thinks he's great. He has NO IDEA why everyone does not agree that he is great. Certainly Poppy & Turd Blossom & Pickles & Fredo & all his other toadies are always telling what a great job he did. He is completely oblivious to the swath of destruction he leaves in his wake.

The man needs a serious dose of Rabbie Burns:
"O wad some gift the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!"

Kvatch said...

But I think Americans also better be prepared to sacrifice.

Ain't that the truth! More than the just dealing with the "me-first" attitude we need to deal with the quick-buck mindset that poisons everything from the economy to the distribution of talent within our labor markets to our eduction system.

At least Obama seems to have a taste for the work of getting us back on track. Couldn't say that about Bush.

Cart said...

DK, it will take a while for the wound to heal. I just worry about the 'betty bombs' Cheney has left behind. They aren't going tolet go easily.

Kvatch, yeah, I'm expert at stating the bleeding obvious. In the end I do believe it is about emotions and attitudes. Obama seems to think that too. The language will be fun - American leadership! But right in so many ways, the world is ready.