Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The lazy mans C-Span

Thanks to D.K. (the lazy man’s C-Span) - Medal of Freedom, or THE STING ... you decide – I didn’t need to resort to the TV. A great description of a ceremony which would have made me puke.

(Image - I thought they said moth...)

There has always been mumblings downunder about the unhealthy relationship between Bush and Howard. In fact we are now wondering if Bush isn’t taking this further with Howard – to a penchant for necrophilia.

We do know this was the expected abusive relationship, though outwardly to the world rather than to each other. My take is that the freedoms this mob really refer to are freedom to:

  • Abuse the rights and freedoms of their own citizens
  • To put the interests of their own chosen ‘friends’ ahead of everyone else
  • To abuse the rights and freedoms of numerous foreign populations
  • To attempt the theft of natural wealth for their own benefit
  • To excite acts of terrorism to justify the above

History will paint the past decade or so as the most politically corrupt in modern history, the spread of Stalinism throughout the west. But there have been bright points too, as the world tried to shake of this horror. My nominations for MoF would be:

  • The ill-fated but determined Romano Prodi of Italy, who at least modified the Berlusconi part in the horror
  • The Prime Minister of Spain, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. Sure he looks as ineffectual as Mr Bean, but is ever-present in finding real International solutions
  • The hardest – Nicholas Sarkosy of France. I was determined to dislike this alleged right wing leader, but find my admiration growing daily.


D.K. Raed said...

I love your analysis! "a penchant for necrophilia" ... well, we do know Bush will go to the netherworld to help his friends (where do you think he found Cheney) ... maybe that's where he & Howard have been spending time sharing "moral clarity" (yes, Bush actually said that is something he & Howard share).

Cart said...

I was referring to politically dead, but that will do. The moral clarity sounds like the sort of crap pedaled by these people.