Sunday, November 09, 2008

Kiwis out of step - again

When told a country has just 4.3 million people there is a temptation to ask their names; but New Zealand are used to being the butt of jokes. Try the fact they still have nearly 2.9 million registered voters, and they are not exactly a geriatric society.

In recent times an estimated 100 Kiwis a week have relocated to Australia. I guess it’s a matter of the grass is greener… both the migration and the election result. The sad part is that the country’s population is always economically marginal, and reducing population doesn’t help.

Now, despite eight years of good social and economic polices the Labour government of Helen Clark has been dumped. Kiwis are known for initiative and inventiveness; they are also known for others reaping the rewards. Instead of the best little economy in the world they continually sell themselves down the drain.

While other countries are swinging away from hard monetarism New Zealand has just embraced it. The new Prime Minister, John Key, has promised a more ambitious future for the country. A self made multi-millionaire and currency trader, that class largely responsible for the global mess, Key is intent on continuing the now dubious financial cowboy line.

At least, while most of the worlds endured monetarist policies New Zealand was doggedly progressive. I expect when the dust settles Australia will be hosting even more Kiwi voters in the future. Don’t get me wrong, I like them, but their country desperately needs them.


D.K. Raed said...

very sad. I always picture them as being so progressive ... nuke-free environmentally sensitive greenpeace lovers, but apparently not leading the way economically?

as for small island populations, consider Iceland and look what's happened to their economy.

Cart said...

I'm still trying to fathom this one. It just doesn't make sense.