Monday, November 24, 2008

Comparison worth celebrating

The Rudd government has just would up its first year in office remarkably blemish free. Contrasted with Howard’s scandal prone administration that seems an incredible achievement. In John Howard’s in shaky first term lost 7 Ministers in various scandals, four of them in the first year.

Arguably Howard set the bar too high from the outset, with his Ministerial Code of Conduct, but he was nothing less than a victim of his own hubris. By contrast the Rudd administration has been virtually invisible, with any attempts by the opposition of generating scandal quickly ignored as petty gestures.

In fact, just prior to the advent of Rudd’s first year in government Howard and his infamous crew were still discussing, justifying or admitting their miserable decade in office. They are still, it seems, willing subjects for a media which thrives on a level of scandal; even if it is old scandal.

There were suggestions that Rudd would reshuffle his ministry during our long Christmas break, making way some overdue rewards. Change is now off the books; why interfere with a team that is working for the government? The anonymity of the current ministry suits Rudd, and it seems suits the Australian people.


Kvatch said...

The anonymity of the current ministry suits Rudd, and it seems suits the Australian people.

You know...that was always my impression of the Minnesota state government, toiling in efficient anonymity. Not so much anymore, I guess. And I have to wonder what that would be like on a national level.

Cart said...

I suspect a few decades of political excitement makes this new dynamic tempting. The downsides might be less transparency and revisiting. I guess the transparency issue is acceptable so long as outcomes sort of meet expectation. Like us with Howard I expect you will be reliving George W’s years; after all, political journos need something to write about.