Sunday, September 14, 2008

You Can Inform ‘em, But You Can’t Make ‘em Think

Australian news media are among the most informative in the world, eager to delve into issues regardless of  preconceived notions or alliances. Well, ok, where one media outlet or journalist can’t bear to dump on their ideas another will do the dirty work.

Political machinations are constantly dissected, often to embarrassing depths. We know, almost intimately, the sleazy predilections – morally and ethically – of our elected representatives. 

As effective government rapidly becomes a sentimental dream here in NSW we have watched the progress of:
· A Liberal Party organisation steadily taken over by the Christian Right, with candidates forced on the people solely for their adherence to a dubious ethic.
· The once effective rural party, the curiously named the Nationals, become increasingly lost and irrelevant.
· The governing Labor Party, whose membership is seen to be increasingly wallowing in blatant and individual self-interest.

In fact it is all about self-interest over public interest. We are fed all this in graphic, sleazy detail. Last weeks political bloodletting, the internal destruction of the Iemma government; the sacking within days of his appointment of the new Police Minister – not for dancing in a g-string and simulated ‘titty f**king’ a colleague at a drunken office party, but for denying it in the face of undeniable evidence. 

The list of imminent state by-elections is currently growing by two a week. The latest being former Health Minister Reba Meagher. We’ll never know if she was a total administrative failure, given the appalling government she was called to serve in. No doubt we will soon watch the graphic detail new Premier Nathan Reese being dispatched in a suitable gruesome method.

So what do the people think? The ex Police Minister’s antics make for great jokes and anyone who talks favourably of any foreign sports star is unpatriotic. With full knowledge, chapter a verse, the shortcomings of  our elected representative; knowing that we are heading for desperate territory economically and socially, we are turning to parties, laughter and football. 

Well it is the end of season for three of our football codes. Just don’t mention New Zealand’s All Blacks! That, I’m told, is unpatriotic.

A note on health policy
The steady decline of out hospital and health delivery system has been depressingly steady now for some years. Just how bad it is was bought home this week when a neighbour was carted off to hospital hovering on the edge of coma.

He had been there the week before, diagnosed with a range of blood and other infections, and pulled the various intravenous needles and walked out. Despite noting his problems as a result of substance abuse the hospital was willing to treat him for the several months estimated to clear his system.

When we went back a second time doctors stabilized him with a few adrenalin hits and sent him home. Ok, I made a subjective judgment and refused to call an ambulance, but others his did that part. That out hospitals are making subjective judgments on who they treat is more of a concern.

The simple fact is, working with limited resources, patients intent on self-harm and non-compliance are now cast aside. I can understand why, but I’m sure we all hope the system is far more sympathetic than people like me. Oh well, there is still the football.


abi said...

There's not much you can do for someone who is so hell-bent on self-destruction. He'll accomplish it one way or the other.

Cart said...

It's a worry when a whole parliament is bent on self destruction.