Thursday, September 11, 2008

Destroying faith in the system

This blog began by discussing political scandal and corruption, and just occasionally harks back to that original concept; very occasionally. Well what can you really say? How far and how often can you go down the same repetitive track?

The end of lat week witnessed the part collapse of the NSW state government. Before entrenched corruption at worst and total incompetence at best were really revealed the old guard stepped down. By Friday w had a ‘clean-skin’ premier (read virtually unknown; and by Sunday a brand new ministry.

Some articles:

Morris Iemma forced to resign as New South Wales Premier

Iemma dodges his own $42 billion debt bomb

Oh, the good old NSW Labor Party. By Thursday our brand new, sparking shiny police minister is gone – subject of yet another political scandal. Minister quits over pants prank

Matt Brown resigned from state cabinet last night just three days after being sworn in as police minister. Premier Nathan Rees said he gave Brown at least two chances last night to tell him the truth about his actions at a party in his parliamentary office in June this year.

I had considered throwing my hat into the ring in the upcoming by-election for the state seat of Port Macquarie. The decision depended on a few factors; chiefly some semblance of key support and a general interest in another election and its outcome.

Increasingly, another factor has crept into the equation – the actual survival of the current parliament. I have already been considering the wisdom of challenging in an election now, then fronting up in a few months for a second go.

The basic factors are still not in place, to my satisfaction, and the potential of a full election soon after a by-election is not encouraging. Even more worrying is the erosion of public confidence in the whole electoral/government system. We are obviously not being served well, but selling a positive message in the current climate is no easy ask. 


lindsaylobe said...

I would encourage you to stand for the seat and not be overly concerned over the prospect of another election soon after. In politics, as you know, it’s a moving feast and I think it’s during such tumulteous times ones apt to more clearly establish ones credentials.
Best wishes

Cart said...

Lindsay, there is a strange dynamic here at present, one I will expand on elsewhere. "such tumulteous times" is an apt observation, across the country and the world.
We really need to get a handle on the changing dynamic.