Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trying to explain the inexplicable – McCain Vs Obama

Why is America trapped in support for a failed ethos? The question needs to be looked at when the country is apparently divided between a sad old relic of a discredited past and a fresh and dynamic candidate willing to look to the future.

For a political tragic it is easy to perceive the masses as politically ignorant, disinterested, unengaged or in their own words so often, ‘just too damn busy’.

The deep emotional bonds; the patriotism, national pride, country first attitude makes a lie of the too busy argument. The now self evident economic pressure, something that must be a plague in nearly every household, screams for serious engagement, but it isn’t happening.

This campaign appears to be teaching us the real reason for what we see as voter apathy – pure fear. What if I get it wrong? We have muddle through this far, perhaps no decision is the best decision… After all, governance is a complex set of paradigms, best left to those who know. Even, it seems, when they manifestly don’t know.

Quite possibly the fear became the fuel of the culture right from the start. The American myth is based on the threat of evil forces which are set to destroy the beautiful dream. That dream machine, Hollywood, has revealed the myth many times. Two that come to mind instantly are ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and Okalahoma, and in both those good overcame evil for no other reason than it was right and proper.

Now, having fallen from a lofty leadership perch, at least to the outside world; facing an economic disaster of mammoth proportions, the polls are suggesting something close to ‘business as usual’. It doesn’t make sense in any logical way, only in fear and an strange blind faith in what seems to always have been.

But that doesn’t make sense either, not if you take a critical look at the country’s past. Okay, we don’t do self criticism, so I’ll help out. For at least the past 30 years the USA has been living on debt. For many years the world went along with and enjoyed some of the results. But sooner or later that debt is called.

Obama would do well to lose this election, because as winner he will need to (with reference to comments from Lindsay on my previous post); increase taxes – increase interest rates – strip the financial sector of the burden of wasteful and needless layers, and that is just for starters.

A President Obama would need to seriously reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuels, turn family homes back into family homes rather than wealth generators, focus agriculture on food rather than wealth production. In short, America is facing the wake up call that is clearly driving deep fear and insecurity across the nation.

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lindsaylobe said...

I started out with a comment but as it became long winded I decided to post seperately on my blog.
Interested in what you think and also any thoughts from your other insightful bloggers !

Best wishes

enigma4ever said...

I don't know if there is fear across the country..I know the MSM and the Rethug Machine would want us to think so....and so it eats away at me- what is the real picture of embracing of Change? I don't know..and I live sad...

I do know that there are millions like me....that stood i lines for hours to hear about HOW we are going to do this..and start repairing Our Country....

McCain is lucky if he gets 400 at an event and there are NO lines...

I hope and pray that we can do this...

Cart said...

Lindsay, I put your link on the post - thank you

Enigma you wouldn't understand fear :) I still think its out there

D.K. Raed said...

so, one candidate represents known failure & flawed thinking. The other is unknown & therefore risky. I take the risk. you & Linsay are right though, Obama will have to do many unpopular things if he is to put this country back together again. But then, that's what dem presidents do ... clean up after repub messes & incredible debt run-up. We don't need a Wizard of Oz type of wizard, we need a real one.