Monday, July 21, 2008

Dragging out the conservative carcasses

John Howard’s conservatives ruled Australia for over a decade; some of us believe a socially destructive decade. When voters turn they often turn with vehemence and Howard not only lost government but his own seat as well.

But the remnants of his leadership team survived, albeit removing themselves from leadership positions, becoming an increasing embarrassment to everyone. The former foreign minister, Alexander (Piggy) Downer finally resigned a couple of weeks back – after a series of arrogant displays of serving only himself on the public purse.

Former Deputy PM, leader of the National Party and my local member resigned at the weekend. Mark Vaile was busy scrabbling for a post parliament job, while collecting his parliamentary entitlements. He didn’t represent this electorate effectively in government, in opposition he did nothing.

The last of the old leadership hanging on to his sinecure is former treasurer Peter Costello. Pete is hanging out for a fat private job too, but it get harder all the time for him. Some in the party want him to run for leadership, he’d rather snooze in parliament and leave lots of time to write his tell-all memoirs.

I’m not sure when we will be having bye elections, but the government is really putting the heat on the opposition to sort out who is going before they decide. It is crazy to dislocate the system with individual election dates.

Our independent state MP Rob Oakeshott is considering running, and I’m hoping he does. We haven’t been served well by party hacks and Lyne has particular issues as the region is undergoing transition. From a former agricultural/family holiday area we have developed rapidly to a regional growth area.

I essence that means the big city overflow, the less productive surplus, are being directed here because of marginally cheaper living. Retirement and welfare is already the growing trend, and one we need to turn to advantage. If life gives you lemons… But among the lemons are wonderful skills and opportunities to be found.

The dynamics of this region beg for greater food self sufficiency and allow for a targeted shift to green energy. We do have the skills here to address both these issues. Use of the remaining agricultural land needs to be maximised to serve local needs and ship out a healthy surplus. All of these issues rely on shifts in policy.

We should be in for an exciting future, with the right will and direction harnessing our specific dynamic.


enigma4ever said...

really good post with some lessons for us in the North....

so I have to ask is WIND big down there, curious...

Cart said...

The sun is probably the greater asset, though viable wind sites have been identified around this region. It is coastal so the dynamic is there. We also have that coast and wave potential.