Monday, June 09, 2008

A US political up-skirt

Ok, a crude reference, but watching from downunder does give a slightly different perspective. Paul Sheehan is one of Australia’s more respected journalists. Sheehan opens his observation [here] with:

"On the final hour of the final day of the 2008 presidential primary campaigns last week, the three remaining candidates gave three highly revealing speeches in rapid succession on national TV.

John McCain was abysmal but honest. When he smiled his face became a death mask. His crowd was small, their energy smaller.

Hillary Clinton was all about blackmail, packaged as "respect". But her arguments were logical and true.

Barack Obama was all soaring rhetoric and effortless charisma before an enchanted throng of 15,000, with 15,000 more outside. He said nothing of substance, nothing profound, but his is a profound candidacy."

I guess Sheehan has, well we Aussies have the benefit of distance, both physically and electorally. His message resonates here. Our commentators have rarely wavered from the inevitability of an Obama victory, regardless of their individual political stance.

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enigma4ever said...

mcsame- there is NOTHING honest about him...he is a liar..and maybe frigging nuts...

Hillary- it was a speech all about Hill

Obama...spoke about how we win back the WH..and find our constitution..and he did say with pride that he had made history that night...but he used "WE" in his speech many time...he always remembers WE THE PEOPLE in his speechs and How badly Bush regime has damaged our relationships worldwide- he is very honest about it...

enigma4ever said...

soory- but had to say Something- as Obama is more than Soaring rhetoric- which is actually hill's words for it...and after listening to Bush murder the English language daily....listening to Obama is privlege..

Cart said...

Hey, I was only reporting :) I hope it is instructive to show what is being said outside the US.

enigma4ever said...

oh I know that..
I just wanted to you know- set a few things straight..that 's all..

( and to see him use Hill's words- well it kind of bugged me...sorry)