Monday, March 31, 2008

Future meets the past

For the relatively fresh political face of Kevin Rudd to confront the dead duck president must have been a little nauseating for most Americans.

I have been reading the transcript of the WH media conference and I’m thinking George W would have made the ‘Son of Sam’ look strong in social leadership credentials.

I’m not gloating here, but the Bush bankruptcy shows up just reading statements such as: “…and he [Rudd] is committed to the same values that I'm committed to: rule of law, human rights, human decency.” Pinocchio territory at its best, you can just see that nose growing.

“There's an interesting moment for all of us to recognize that we can become less dependent, in our case on foreign oil, and at the same time be good stewards of the environment.” Yeah George, sure…

For my cobber D.K. – Redheaded Wisdom – I need to reveal that George W can actually say thank you: “And I want to thank very much the Australian government and the Australian people for their willingness to help a young democracy such as Afghanistan. “

Apart from the consummate piss taking, something Aussies do very well, Rudd was slow and deliberate in his delivery. Rudd has his detractors here, mainly among the media and political elite, but his plodding, determined style sells well when juxtaposed with Bush’s verbal diarrhea. The biggest cringe was the actual WH transcript, complete with typos.

One thing Australians want is a continuation of the bond between our countries. We can be rough on our friends, including the US, Canada, Britain and of course the Kiwis. The list extends far beyond that, reflecting our status as an immigrant country. But the sense of being connected is strong.

Rudd confirmed that in his opening statements: “Our alliance doesn't simply reflect our shared past. Our alliance defines our common future as two of the world's great democracies.” Speaking to Americans he added: “…the reason I'm confident of that is because it's rooted in shared values. We actually take the idea of democracy seriously.”

Meeting Clinton, McCain and Obama

Demonstrating that, Rudd will meet with leading Presidential candidates this week, following speculation over his plans to hold discussions with Republican and Democratic leaders.

He confirmed that he would be holding face-to-face meetings with both Republican nominee in waiting John McCain as well as Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton - an over the phone meeting will be held with Barack Obama due to his campaign commitments.

Meanwhile the old guard here at home are still trying to find a position on Rudd’s performance. Liberal leader Brendan Nelson says apparent friendship between Rudd George W is a good thing for Australia. But that was qualified with a pathetic explanation that “it did not mean that former Prime Minister John Howard did not have a special relationship with Mr Bush.”

For most of us it is the future now that counts. However how Rudd, relates to bush is marginal, meeting with major presidential candidates is an imperative if we are to maintain a strong relationship. We have some hard traveling to do together now.


D.K. Raed said...

With all the 24/7 TV news we have, I somehow missed any of the actual Rudd-Bush meeting. Maybe C-Span will show it during the week.

While an excellent counterpoint to Bush's pathetic foreign diplomacy efforts, Rudd's "We actually take the idea of democracy seriously" probably went right over W's head -- zooom! I bet the Cowardly Crawford Cowboy even served him some hotdogs & beans to show how down-to-earth he is. What an embarrassment. We just can't let him out of the house anymore.

I was glad to hear your report that Bush did use the word "thank". I was getting very tired of his presheeatin' everything. But then you quoted his use of intrestin' -- that's another one of his meaningless words that he tosses in to drive me nutz.

I hope Rudd's talks with our prezzie candidates go better & leave him & your country more satisfied about our future.

TomCat said...

I have no doubt that McConJob will forget his meeting with Rudd in short order, unless Rudd sings a chorus of Bomb Bomb Iran with him. I can't see that happening.

Cart said...

Tom, unfortunately Bush is going to take longer to forget...

DK What happens there does matter here. Rudd met with McCain, but I understand he is focussed on a Dem President.