Thursday, March 06, 2008

Aussies breeding wingnuts

Right wing commentators in Australia are finally beating their quills into sword as the Rudd government quickly develops of mastery of political persuasion. Lobbying has obviously transformed under a new regime, but the rabid right can only see this in terms of a swing to the left.

The disclaimer for commentator Katharine Murphy is that she; “has attended a number of social functions, meetings and engagements at the invitation of lobbying firms.” SMH

I guess that means Katharine is echoing the old guard of that particular class. An example: She cites former trade union heavyweight, Bill Kelty, presumably as a icon of the left. Then goes on to explain Kelty’s association with former high flying industrialists like Aussie transport magnate Lindsay Fox for whom he now works.

It seems anything short of National Socialism, the full ascendency of capital over the people, is left wing to some. Certainly that is the case in the US and it seems was increasingly going to be the case here.

She goes on to cite other former labor and union luminaries, invariably in relation to their efforts for major industrial organisations and figures. Australia might have had a left leaning once upon a time, but Rudd is a pure pragmatist, in the very best sense of the term..

Rudd’s agenda in balance
Unlike the cartoon above, Rudd seems intent on finding a national balance. It seems more in the order of what is what is good for the country, regardless of wether it is big business or the little people.

Holders of marginal mortgages will suffer under Rudd’s attempts to fix the economy, just as errant businesses can forget the sort of bail outs common from Howard. The problem for the mouth foaming commentators is that this government defies the old drawer full of pre-organised labels.

It seems we are breeding our own home grown wignuts.

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