Monday, June 04, 2007

The party grinding down

A few weeks ago we had political and media fireworks from the Australian Labor Party national conference. That event was matched this weekend with a slow hising from the Liberal party’s big event.

Very little media or fireworks. In fact the conference appeared more content to focus on the past rather than the future. Howard's message all weekend was similar. "I have a great story to tell," and; "It is never a time for a change unless a change is for the better."

Some of the more interesting media quotes:

Ultimately, workers are more swayed by their own financial circumstances than macroeconomic theory.

The elephant in the room over the weekend remained what to do if the polls did not improve within six weeks.

The internal sentiment is that things may have been different had the party changed leaders last year when there was a chance. This, however, ignores the fact that no one then knew Labor was going to switch from Kim Beazley to ...

"Howard was our power source back then," said one senior party figure harking back to last July. "Now he's like an old mobile phone battery. He doesn't hold his charge."

One MP likened the Government to the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, staying put defiantly with severed limbs but willing to fight. SMH

Howard said: "The question I pose to the Australian people, quite directly, is this: who do you trust to take these vital decisions about our future? Age

Given the current polling, I am surprised Howard would pose the question when he does not know the answer. Trust might not be the most effective argument to put just now.


Praguetwin said...

Not such a risky question for Howard to posit at this moment.

With familiarity comes trust, even if undeserved.

In the absence of a strong opposition, people might just trust Howard more than any other one person.

Cartledge said...

"In the absence of a strong opposition" That is Howard's dilemma, he has an increasingly strong opponent who is well ahead in the polls.
Thinks might swing back, but an appeal to trust won't be the trigger for that.

Anonymous said...

"It is never a time for a change unless a change is for the better."

If ever a candidate has made the case for his being turned out of his office...

Cartledge said...

froggy, we can only hope...