Friday, June 08, 2007

Constructing a campaign

As reported previously, kvatch’s commandos proved a little confronting for poor sensitive Australians. We still intend having little plastic guys spreading our message of ‘Who Cares?’ through the electorate of Lyne.

We lucked onto these construction workers, the message of building a better country fits well and shouldn’t disturb any poor puppies out there.

These guys still need to be labelled, which will happen when our ‘campaign calligrapher’ turns up for work.

The things haunting our dreams

I know there are far better things to do with our sleeping time, but I woke today with a vision, as reproduced here, of Mark Vaile riding a bull.

As leader of the junior coalition partner, the rural based Nationals, the imagery seemed to fit. If the Nationals are further reduced they will simply be absorbed into the Liberal Party and Vaile will probably become just another backbencher.

I’m not sure we can seriously damage him in this electorate, but he is still fighting for his political future.

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