Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Versifying for justice

Blognonymous (Kvatch) has been on a ‘say it in poetry’ push of late, inspired by a fellow blogger under the guise of A Poetic Justice.

I don’t regard myself as a poet of any great note, but I do occasionally get a kick out of reducing ideas to rhyming couplets or worse - January 26.

Everyone has a bit of a poet in them and A Poetic Justice is providing an open forum for you to give it a bash - Saturday Sonata.

I guess as the muse takes me I will be submitting the odd verse. I hope you will to, or at least go and take a look each Saturday at the musings of others.

And thanks to APJ for Saturday Sonata and kvatch for prodding some of into verse.


Anonymous said...

I'm rather dry on the verse front this week. Perhaps next. Need a good topic.

Cartledge said...

I popped an entry for this week. Don't know if time or the muse will be with me for a while.
I think I will be here another week before I head off to the coast, so who knows.
But thanks for getting me started again :)