Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bush utters the 'C' word

You can’t beat the Australian media for a good headline - Bush utters the 'C' word

Bush butt plug, Aussie PM Howard has also discovered climate change. With an election just months away Howard has reshuffled his cabinet to beef up it’s hard sell options.

So, having finally clued into the potential climate disaster Howard opts for a former merchant banker to take over the environmental portfolio.

Malcolm Turnbull, always high profile before he entered politics, has lately been responsible developing a water policy for this parched nation. So far his ideas seem to be much in line with merchant banking – sell to the highest bidder.

That bodes well for the environment – carbon credits, water credits, forest credits… A bloody merchant bank approach to something as vital as the planet's future?

I was tempted to repeat the ‘c’ word when I learned who got shafted so the merchant banker could be elevated. Amanda Vanstone, the kaleidoscopic and quixotic minister for immigration wasn’t even asked to swallow her sword, it was just shoved down her throat.

Amanda was, no doubt a loose cannon in the government, but one of the few ministers with wide appeal. Amanda might be colourful and unpredictable, but she was also the closest Howard had to an honest minister. I can wish Amanda a pleasant future in London, Paris or wherever her consolation prize takes her. She wouldn’t enjoy opposition anyway.


reality-based educator said...

I'm dubious. He still didn't use the word global warming last night. he said "global climate change," which is probably a euphemism for "Jesus is changing the world climate and there's nothing we can do about it."

I believe nothing this fuck says. He's a liar and a cheat.

(I loved the Bush butt plug moniker for Howard, btw.)

Cartledge said...

I don't believe any of the 'conservative' leaders or the world would know how or even give a rats arse about fixing climate change. They are all liars and cheats

GORN said...

She should have stuffed the pencil in his eye and wiggled it around. Maybe it would have sparked his useless brain cells to actually think.

Cartledge said...

Gorn, you have a great memory. Trouble is, Howard's brain has been dead for years now. He doesn't need to think while Cheney is doing the thinking for his surrogates.