Monday, October 20, 2014

Time for a Wake-Up Call

Now don’t get me wrong, I do think profits is a dirty word
and I also think capitalism is a corrosive,
destructive system. 
I was listening to a news interview recently, about the price of lamb here in Australia. The expert declared, “Prices are fluctuating wildly just now driven by the market.” He meant driven by speculators, which I suppose, is the basis of the capitalist market.

There are essentials in this life, basically food and shelter and in our urbanised world heat, water and power. All of these essentials have not only been commoditised, they have all become the prey of speculators; the prey of speculation and greater profits.

There is a worldwide housing crisis and the GFC showed that banks and sub-prime loans were a big contributor. The reality is, there is no shortage of potential accommodation, only of the will to provide it. US banks left thousands of homes to just rot, after they had taken on-selling loans to their absolute limits. The now truth is there are no profits to be made making those homes habitable.

We are being fucked over by these capitalist grubs for one reason; they have more money to buy politicians than do ordinary citizens. With the acquiescence and assistance of a buyable body politic, these parasites are on track to destroy our society if not the planet, in the name of rampant greed.

I have no idea how the world might be awakened to what is happening to us. Even then I’m not sure if anyone will be willing to risk the little they have to fight back, to redesign our political and governing systems. I do know the greedy bastards destroying us will not yield without a fight. But the worst of them only number 1% of the world’s population. No amount of money will stop a determined population. We just need to wake the world up!