Sunday, February 08, 2009

Friedman and Hayek undone

"With the impeccable sense of timing that has marked my career, my wife and I chose to renovate last year. But next spring we shall be joining millions of Canadians in saying "sod it." And then sending you the bill" Bob Rae

Bob Rae is the Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre and the Liberal foreign affairs critic, who should be even more respected for stepping back from the recent Canadian Liberal’s leadership race.

That race was between two fine candidates, Rae and Ignatieff and a wonderfully acid article by Rae - Goodbye 'Rae Days.' Hello 'Harper Holidays' – is something he could never have done as party leader. Bob Rae is far more valuable off to one side picking off Conservative policies and ministers.

From that position he can tell Stephen Harper – “I am no longer the Deficit Poster Boy and Punching Bag. You are. Wear it in the best of health.” He can tell the Neo-liberals; “Your old copies of Milton Friedman and Hayek's Road to Serfdom will somehow seem less relevant and helpful.”

More than that he is the voice that can overcome the anti-deficit trash we’ve been force fed for years. “…deficits are not the product of the devil incarnate, but happen when there are recessions.”

I had hoped that ego would not get the better of Bob Rae, in the leadership stakes. He is the right guy in the right place. The article is worth reading and the unfolding story will be worth watching.

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