Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dishonesty is still the hallmark of neo-conservatives

Most assuredly one would not seek out commentary from the economic right, the likes of Human (Headquarters of the Conservative Underground…), still these commentators tend to popup from time to time. Unfortunately the only thing they add to economic debate is transparent dishonesty.

“Only a couple of weeks ago, Canada’s Conservative government was headed for defeat because of its steadfast opposition to rewarding epic failures with cash prizes -- more commonly known as “bailouts”.

“Harper’s opposition to bailouts has been the message all along, until this recent wavering. Canadian banks were made to do without -- and rightfully so.” Rachel Marsden

First up, what the Harper government did offer, as did Aussie PM Rudd, were lending insurance backstops. "Our actions will help Canadian financial institutions secure access to longer-term funds so that they can continue lending to consumers, homebuyers and businesses in Canada," says Canada’s finance minister.

The BIG LIE from commentators of the ilk of Ms Marsden is that the leaders they tend to support, Bush, Harper and the former Aussie PM Howard, have proven consistent supporters pf corporate welfare; while happily leaving the rest of the community out to dry.

In the lead up to his PM bid Stephen Harper vowed that a Conservative government would "get out of the grants and subsidies game." But once he became Prime Minister, he started handing out money - to Pratt & Whitney, Alcan, Bombardier, Research in Motion, Hyundai, General Motors, Ford and Magna. and other industrial giants.

In 2007 his government provided a $900-million aid package for Canada's aerospace industry, with most of the money going to businesses in the politically key province of Quebec. Like the bush subsidies these were part of the cost of corporate electoral support – a cost worn by everyone.

Oddly I’m at one with Ms Marsden’s central premise, the inappropriateness of the auto bailout, particularly in the absence of any real recovery plan. What I object to is the tendency to target blame away from all the pointer arrows. The reality is that our societies, our economies, will always have a socialist element. What matters after that is the social balance.


abi said...

Very wise observation, Cart. And the right wingers know it very well - hence their inherent dishonesty which should be apparent to all. And that's what gets me - why these people have any credibility left with voters is beyond me.

Utah Savage said...

Great post. I love this kind of expose of the big lie from the right. Thanks.

And a much too late Happy, happy, merry, merry holidays, New years is just around the corner. Then the Inauguration. Yippee!

Cart said...

Abi, you know how much I despise the wingers :)

USav, thank you - I enjoy the research and expose. It just gets more difficult when the team changes and the waters are more muddied.
If I did New Years resolutions it would be a) to focus on just a couple of issues and dissect them
b) to pay more attention to my fellow bloggers out there!
As for USav thatmens finding the entry pint - I'll do that and take my chances...