Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The saviour rises again

I had resolved that I would no longer comment on sad Australian federal opposition, and limit my references to the wonders of the Rudd government. Both, in general, are merely stating the bleeding obvious.

However, having returned triumphant from his US sojourn, where leading edge surgery obviously removed his tail from between his legs, Lazarus (aka John Howard) is offering his services to the party and country he damaged so thoroughly.

"I will do everything I can, in a quiet way, to help you," told a gathering of the faithful in Brisbane. "This party has been the government of Australia for 42 out of the 64 years that it has been in existence. It's a party of enormous depth and resilience and it has a great future," he said.

The scary part is that every attempt in the past forty odd years to kill Howard politically has resulted in a miraculous resurrection. His only positive claim is that of perennial survivor. My whole politically active life has been shadowed by the spectre of John Howard.

Mind you, the US sojourn wasn’t all sweetness and light for Howard: Asked at a function at the George Bush presidential library in Texas to name his top three achievements, he started with gun control. No one in the Texan audience clapped.

So he won’t win brownie points in Texas, which is a shame. I rather fancy the idea of him moving to a farm in reach of his good old buddies, George and Dick. Maybe Dick could use him for target practice.


TomCat said...

Unlike Howard, our Fuhrer may have to flee to Paraguay to avoid prosecution.

Cart said...

I can't see Paraguay being quite so indiscriminate :)

TomCat said...

It depends on how much he pays them. :-)

D.K. Raed said...

Well at least the Paraguay compound will probably be set up as some sort of ranch-type estate. But you know Dub isn't really a rancher. Latest news is he & Laura will not be retiring to Crawford, but to Dallas. Maybe he'll still have that front porch, though, the one where he & Scotty McClellan & Albertoad Gonzo & even John Howard can spend some rocking-chair time ... NOT!!!!